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Cyan Worlds, Inc. - Mead, WA

September 2000 - June 2005

Cyan is best known for creating Myst, one of the most popular CD-ROM games of all time, and its sequel Riven. I joined Cyan in September of 2000 to help create the art for a project that eventually became Uru: Ages Beyond Myst. This ambitious title was a departure from the other installments in the Myst series in that it was developed as a real-time 3D adventure game as opposed to the pre-rendered "slideshow" that fans had become accustomed to. My experience with real-time 3D was limited, and I had previously thought of low-poly as equating to "low-quality." However, I was blown away by what I saw of this project when I interviewed, so I was excited to contribute to the effort. I started out as a CG Artist, eventually becoming a CG Lead.

We also created two expansion packs. Uru: To D'ni released in March of 2004 and Uru: The Path of the Shell released in July that same year.

I left Cyan upon completion of Myst V: End of Ages in June of 2005 (the game hit store shelves on September 20th of 2005). I decided it was time to live the American dream of working for myself from home.

Uru Video Montage (self-promotional demo reel excerpt) - 2 min. 36 sec.

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Uru Image Gallery

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Uru was released in Novermber of 2003 and quickly received critical praise.

Time Magazine's Top 10 for 2003

PC Gamer - Editor's Choice (91%)

IGN.com - Editor's Choice (9 out of 10)

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