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Art Center

Art Center College of Design - Pasadena, CA

May 1993 - December 1995

I completed Art Center's Illustration program earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. The experience was fantastic, and I appreciated the opportunity to further my art education by learning painting and drawing from so many wonderful teachers. Favorites included Vern Wilson, Richard Bunkall, Bob Kato, Gary Meyer, Lorrie Madden, and Dwight Harmon. While I thoroughly enjoyed my traditional fine art classes, I chose to attend Art Center for its outstanding computer graphics facilities, and nearly all of my elective classes were in the General Motors Computer Graphics Laboratory. I took 3D classes taught by Stan Liu and Jennifer Steinkamp, and interactive media and motion graphics classes taught by Lynda Weinman. I am extremely grateful to have received such first-rate instruction. Art Center is a special place, and I feel privileged to have attended.

Student Image Gallery

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Student Work Video Montage (self-promotional demo reel excerpt) - 49 seconds

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*** EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS!!! *** Rare clip surfaces after nine years. - 5 seconds

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